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Cream Rose

Chloe - Gold Circle Chinese Silk Reversible Jacket


Stunning Chinese & handwoven silk reversible jacket with 3/4 sleeves.  Designed to end just below the bust.  The patterned side is a stunning gold Chinese silk with a circular pattern. The reverse side of the jacket is in midnight handwoven silk.

No of this design:   1 of 1 - Small 

Made in 100% luxurious Chinese and handwoven silk, this jacket will look amazing worn with a simple dress or adorning a beautiful pair of trousers.


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Care Instructions


Silk is a unique fibre combining the qualities of toughness, elasticity, resilience, warmth & coolness as well as an affinity to dye which shows a richness and variety of colour and texture which cannot be reproduced in other fabrics.  As a natural fibre there may be certain irregularities or variations in shade or weave and these are characteristics of silk.  However silk does require special care and can easily mark even with water. 

Dry Clean Only, Cool Iron