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One Dress, Many Looks

How often have you bought a beautiful dress for a special occasion, such as a wedding or ball, only for it never to be worn again? It’s something that, if we are honest, we’ve all done - and probably more than once. Perhaps you don't want to be ‘seen’ wearing the same dress twice, or somehow, as lovely as it is, it's just not quite appropriate for your next function. The dress is left hanging in your wardrobe doing nothing but gathering dust, and occasionally evoking memories of that special time that you wore it…

Imagine if you could actually wear that dress again and again, but each time you wore it you could create an entirely different look. That sophisticated Mother-of-the-Bride dress you had, transformed into a stylish cocktail dress. The stunning Christmas party dress, revamped into an elegant Summer ball gown. Or the ageless garden party dress emerging into a timeless piece for a day at the races.

Cream Rose can offer you exactly that.

One of our friendly and experienced Consultants will help you to choose the style, design and colour of your dress - which is specifically created to flatter your body shape and skin tone. Our quality materials are sourced from the best suppliers, and each and every dress is expertly tailor-made in the UK. Your measurements will be taken, and you will be fitted with a totally unequalled and ageless timepiece.

And thats when the fun begins!

With our unique and creative approach, you can choose from a range of additional accents and accessories and transform your dress into something that is truly suitable for that special occasion…and the next occasion…and the next….

A Cream Rose dress will always be sophisticated, stylish, elegant, ageless and timeless.