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Choosing Your Prom Dress

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What should you think about when looking for your perfect prom dress?

Red Prom DressChoose in plenty of time!

Firstly we may need to order your dress in a different size which could take up to 12 weeks.  If you think that most proms will be in May that means you have to have chosen by the beginning of February.

Secondly you will probably need alterations. We have to cater for average size bodies and allow for the tallest girl so the chances are you’re going to need some alterations.  It sounds simple but if your dress has many layers, it could take a while to turn up the hem.  Our seamstresses will be very busy at this time so we need to schedule the alterations in good time to allow for a fitting and the final try-on.  We always like to build in some time – just in case you’ve lost or gained some weight.  We want you to look absolutely perfect on your special day.

Thirdly the sooner you visit us the more choice you’ll have.  We GUARANTEE that we won’t sell the same dress to another girl from your school, so as the dresses are selected there will be less to choose from!


Have your shoes ready
If you can bring your shoes with you we can see immediately whether or not your dress needs to be taken up.  You’ll also get a better idea of what your dress will look like, especially if you’ve added 6 inches to your height!


Don’t skimp on the underwear
It sounds simple but you don’t want to spoil the whole look by showing your bra strap or you panty line.  Your dress should look smooth all the way from the bust to the bottom.  Many dresses have built in bras so that’s taken care of, but if you need some extra support it’s worth finding the right lingerie.  We stock stick on, strapless and plunge bras as well as tape to hold everything in place.


Have some idea of the look you want to create
Before you come in to see us think about the look you want to create: Fairy princess; Sophisticated young lady or fun-loving party girl.  If you see a picture of something you like bring it with you.  We might not be able to match it exactly but we will probably be able to find something similar.


Come without any jewellery
You’ll be trying on lots of beautiful dresses with lots of bling and decoration.  Unfortunately this means there are plenty of places for jewellery to snag and catch on rings and bracelets.  We hate having to ask you to remove these items so it would be best to leave them at home.