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One Dress, Many Looks

How often have you struggled to get all the different outfits you need for your cruise holiday into a 20kg case?  If you’ve already been on a cruise you’ll know there are smart/casual, semi-formal and formal nights to address as well as the Captain’s cocktail party or the black & white ball.  We all love dressing up for the occasion but how can you do this with limited luggage space?

The solution is to have one perfectly fitting dress and wear that dress several times; looking different each time you wear it.  That would certainly free up some space in your case.

Cream Rose can offer you exactly that.

One of our friendly and experienced Consultants will help you to choose the style, design and colour of your dress - which is specifically created to flatter your body shape and skin tone.  Our quality materials are sourced from the best suppliers, and each and every dress is expertly tailor-made in the UK.  Your measurements will be taken, and you will be fitted with a totally unequalled and timeless piece. 

And that’s when the fun begins! 

With our unique and creative approach, you can choose from a range of additional accents and accessories and transform your dress into something that is truly suitable for every social occasion on board.

A Cream Rose dress will always be Sophisticated, Stylish, Elegant, Ageless and Timeless.