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Once upon a time…

We’ve all done it, haven’t we? At the end of a busy week, sat around a table with a couple of friends, enjoying the company, good food and a bottle of wine.  Conversation drifts to the week that has passed and there is one topic that always seems to arise.

It was on one such occasion that the concept of Cream Rose was born - two friends who, quite simply, had an idea based on an ongoing conversation.

As an experienced Personal Stylist, Luanne has spent many happy years in both Australia and the UK helping women of all ages dress according to their body shape and skin colouring.  Her success led her to running independent college courses and, more recently, lecturing onboard cruise ships.  She has built up a large portfolio of clients who have returned to her time and time again - especially when they were on the hunt for that ‘special’ outfit; be it for a wedding, a cruise, a ball, a garden party….

And so, back to the social evening, Luanne was sharing her frustration at trying to find that elusive ‘perfect outfit’ for her clients.  Never one to keep quiet, and with many years experience in sales and the business world, Tania realised that Luanne could be on to something…

As the wine flowed, an idea was planted, and Cream Rose blossomed into reality.

Let the forever after begin!