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  • Isn’t it nice just to be a ‘girl’ sometimes, dressing in a pretty dress?  Well this summer is definitely the time to give it a try with so many beautiful dresses available.  Whatever your shape, there’s a pretty dress to suit you. 

    If you want to give it a go, here are a few simple rules to follow.

    Bows add a romantic, feminine look to any outfit.  They certainly attract attention so wear them on the part of you that you want to emphasize.  If you’re more of a triangle shape the perfect place to wear your ‘bow’ is on the shoulder.

    If you’ve never worn florals now is the time to try.  If you can’t do the whole top-to-toe thing, how about a lovely floaty top, or even some ‘flower power’ shoes?  Florals cover a multitude of sins when worn correctly.  The ‘business’ of the pattern disguises all those lumps and bumps.  A delicate floral pattern also allows you to wear more volume of fabric.  Nothing shouts ‘feminine’ more than a floral, swing dress; you’ll see many well-known people being featured in the press wearing a 50’s style look.  In terms of style, a swing dress ending just below the knee makes legs look thinner than they actually are!

    Feminine dresses need feminine shoes.  That doesn’t mean you have to give up on comfort, a wedge heel goes really well with a swing dress.  Alternatively, a peep-toe shoe will continue the ‘vintage look’.

    If there is a bit of a chill in the air, what’s the best thing to wear with florals?  Well my favourite is a pretty cardigan in a pastel shade.  If you want to show off your waist, fasten the two or three middle buttons (leave the bottom two open).  Alternatively, a cashmere pashmina adds warmth without looking too heavy.

    Still not sure?  Update your look with a lovely, pastel floral scarf just to get used to the idea.

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