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So can everyone wear 'Bling'?

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It's nearly strictly time so along with that will come the sparkling dresses and masses of bling - we all love it!  However, does the thought of wearing 'bling' scare  you a little.  

I suppose based on your own viewpoint the answer is that it depends how much.  What's the definition of too much?  Well of course each person has their own limit when it comes to how much bling they want to be seen in.  As we get older we might feel that too much gives the impression of 'mutton dressed as lamb'!

Well from a stylists point of view, bling can be a wonderful thing!  It does what it says on the tin - draws the eye!  And that's what you want to use it for, to draw the eye to the area that you're proud of and away from the bit of you you're not so keen on.

The other great thing about bling is that it can be used to change the shape of your image.  I do this all the time when working with my clients. Take this amazing two-piece from Mon Cheri - you can't miss the fact that your eye is drawn to the top-half of the model.  If you're the classic triangle shape that's exactly what you want to happen.

If you're more of an inverted triangle you just reverse the look and have your bling on your bottom half!
Any design that has bling coming diagonally 'across' your body will always give you an amazing shape and accentuate your waist.  Likewise bling at the top of a dress and also at the hem-line will make a 'tummy' disappear.

Another place to use bling is on your feet.  If you have amazingly shapely ankles draw attention to them - bring on the diamante!  One word of warning though, if you have a long dress (particularly chiffon) make sure there aren't any 'teeth' holding in the bling, it will be sure to snag your dress.  

I love to have 'detachable' bling in my accessory kit.  Working on cruise ships I find that I can change the look of a dress by adding bling in the form of a broach or sparkly belt.  It really does cut down on the weight and means you don't look like you've worn the same dress twice!  

Bling works wonders with the little black dress too.  Sometimes this can look a bit severe and 'work-like'  By adding bling you immediately soften the look and turn it into a sophisticated cocktail dress.

SO don't be afraid of bling - use it to your advantage!  It might take a bit of getting used to but after a few lovely comments you'll soon feel confident.


Luanne Hill