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Fashion Shoot

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We've just finished our first fashion shoot.  Gosh we didn't realise how frantic it would be.  Jack (make-up) and Sharon (hair) did a fantastic job getting us ready and looking lovely. 


Transporting the clothes from the car to the location proved to be a bit tricky.  The rail collapsed and Annie and Steph had trouble holding it all together.  This wasn't helped by the man who kept asking them for some money to buy his lunch!

Lucy did a fantastic job at the cathedral, creating the right atmosphere and making sure we were all in position.  We wanted it to be as casual as possible so we used champagne to calm our nerves and make it seem more like a party!

We did the fashion shots in the morning and then moved to Peterborough Cathedral (thanks to Rachael) to do more atmospheric shots.  Thank goodness the weather was lovely. 

We learned so much but all in all a brilliant day!


Luanne Hill